Summarizing recent chemical literature

Dinitrogen Complexes of Sulfur-Ligated Iron

Title: Dinitrogen Complexes of Sulfur-Ligated Iron Authors: Ayumi Takaoka, Neal P. Mankad, and Jonas C. Peters Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Affiliation: Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, … Continue reading

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Ethane to Ethylene

Title: Room Temperature Dehydrogenation of Ethane to Ethylene Authors: Vincent N. Cavaliere, Marco G. Crestani, Balazs Pinter, Maren Pink, Chun-Hsing Chen, Mu-Hyun Baik, and Daniel J. Mindiola Journal: Journal of … Continue reading

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Design principles for oxygen-reduction activity on perovskite oxide catalysts for fuel cells and metal–air batteries

Title: Design principles for oxygen-reduction activity on perovskite oxide catalysts for fuel cells and metal–air batteries Authors: Jin Suntivich, Hubert A. Gasteiger, Naoaki Yabuuchi, Haruyuki Nakanishi, John B. Goodenough, and … Continue reading

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CO reduction using Hydrogen and a Uranium complex

Title: Facile Conversion of CO/H2 to Methoxide at a Uranium(III) Center  Authors: Alistair S. P. Frey*, F. Geoffrey N. Cloke*, Martyn P. Coles*, Laurent Maron#, and Thomas Davin # Journal: … Continue reading

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Drug Delivery via Hydrogels

Title: Self-assembling peptide–polysaccharide hybrid hydrogel as a potential carrier for drug delivery Authors: Renliang Huang, Wei Qi, Libin Feng, Rongxin Su and Zhimin He Journal: Soft Matter Affiliation: State Key … Continue reading

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