Chemistry Blog Carnival!

I'm sorry it took me so long to get a post out on this, but the good people at the IYC Blog (part of the C&EN family) put together a wonderful post about all of the Chemistry Blog Carnival submissions - As you may remember I made a post about the azide alkyne huisgen cycloaddition.  I... Continue Reading →


Belt-Shaped π-Systems: Relating Geometry to Electronic Structure in a Six-Porphyrin Nanoring

Title: Belt-Shaped π-Systems: Relating Geometry to Electronic Structure in a Six-Porphyrin Nanoring Authors:  J. K. Sprafke, D. V. Kondratuk, M. Wykes, A. L. Thompson, M. Hoffmann, R. Drevinskas, W.H. Chen, C. K. Yong, J. K€arnbratt, J. E. Bullock, M. Malfois, M. R. Wasielewski, B. Albinsson, L. M. Herz, D. Zigmantas, D. Beljonne, H. L. Anderson Journal: Journal of the American Chemical... Continue Reading →

Tiny stamps make patterns with different energy levels for LEDs

Title: Spatially Modulating Interfacial Properties of Transparent Conductive Oxides: Patterning Work Function with Phosphonic Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers Authors: Kristina M. Knesting , Peter J. Hotchkiss , Bradley A. MacLeod , Seth R. Marder , and David S. Ginger Journal: Advanced Materials Affiliation: Department of Chemistry, University of Washington, and School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics, Georgia... Continue Reading →

Using Computers for Rational Asymmetric Catalyst Design

Title: Three-Dimensional Correlation of Steric and Electronic Free Energy Relationships Guides Asymmetric Propargylation Author:  Kaid C. Harper, Matthew S. Sigman* Journal:  Science Affiliation:  Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, 315 South 1400 East Rm. 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0850       In chemistry today, there is often a need for the synthesis of only one enantiomer... Continue Reading →

Electrochemical Mechanism of Ion–Ionophore Recognition at Plasticized Polymer Membrane/Water Interfaces

Title:  Electrochemical Mechanism of Ion–Ionophore Recognition at Plasticized Polymer Membrane/Water Interfaces Author:  Ryoichi Ishimatsu, Anahita Izadyar, Benjamin Kabagambe, Yushin Kim, Jiyeon Kim, and Shigeru Amemiya Journal:  Journal of the American Chemical Society Affiliation:  Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15260 Take Home Importance:  First electrochemical study that reveals kinetics and... Continue Reading →

Chemistry on Mars: Making Perchlorates

Title: Photooxidation of Chloride by Oxide Minerals: Implications for Perchlorate on Mars Authors: Jennifer D. Schuttlefield†, Justin B. Sambur†, Melissa Gelwicks†, Carrick M. Eggleston‡, and B. A. Parkinson*†§ Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Affiliation: †Department of Chemistry, ‡Department of Geology and Geophysics and §the School of Energy Resources, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming... Continue Reading →

Shechtman’s quasicrystals win this year’s nobel prize

Title: Metallic Phase with Long-Range Orientational Order and No Translational Symmetry Authors: D. Shechtman, I. Blech1, D. Gratias2, and J. W. Cahn3 Journal: Physical Review Letters Affiliations: 1Department of Materials Engineering, Israel Institute of Technology Technion, 3200 Haifa, Israel. 2Centre d'Etudes de Chimie Metallurgique, Centre National de la Recherche Scientiftque, F 94400-Vitry, France. 3Center for Materials Science, National Bureau of... Continue Reading →

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