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Lessons from Nature –New Glue Clues from Slugs

Feeling disgusted by slugs? It’s ugly, wet, and giving us an unpleasant slippery sensation. Yet it is the inspiration of new chemistry innovation!
Read this article and say thanks to slugs, which have inspired scientists to invent a new glue for medical therapies!

Machine Learning for Understanding Materials Synthesis

Title: Materials Synthesis Insights from Scientific Literature via Text Extraction and Machine Learning Authors:     Edward Kim, Kevin Huang, Adam Saunders, Andrew McCallum, Gerbrand Ceder, and Elsa Olivetti Year: 2017 Journal: Chemistry of Materials The sheer volume of publications makes scientific literature a vast sea of information…

Scan your barcode, the molecular one!

What comes to your mind when you think of barcodes and plastics? This post will enlighten you on a new kind of barcode, molecular barcode, encrypted within the plastic itself!

Alternative Fuel Production by a Cu-Zr Inorganic Sponge

This works explains the design principle of a novel methane oxidation catalyst by putting together Cu and NU-1000, a Metal Organic Framework with heightened structural stability. It also uses various spectroscopic technique to assign the oxidation state of the active catalyst which in turn is the source of higher selectivity in the catalytic reaction.

Carbon Monoxide: Future Therapeutic?

Carbon monoxide is probably one of the last things you would expect to see touted as a new therapeutic. How could this compound be used in medicine?