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Stay young with Zinc!

We might have heard that antioxidants are good for our health. They help us to fight against oxidizing agents in our body and help us to stay young!
Recently, researchers have made a new breakthrough to help us fight against the oxides even with the inactive zinc!


Painting a Fuller Picture in Medicinal Chemistry

Title: Synergistic effects of stereochemistry and appendages on the performance diversity of a collection of synthetic compounds Authors: Stu Schreiber et al. Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Year: 2018 The ability to rapidly evaluate what a chemical compound does to a cell, and…


Shining Light on Aldehyde Synthesis

Photoredox catalysis is at it again! This time it is used to synthesize polysubstituted aldehydes – highly useful building blocks – from readily available styrenes and vinyl ethers.


A Radical Way to Label Proteins

Read about this new approach to selectively install fluorines into proteins using a mild radical source.


Chemistry looks into the origin of life!

How is chemistry explaining the origin of life?
The authors of this paper, look into the formation of DNA building block (2-deoxy-D-ribose) from molecules that were present on Earth at its early stages.


A New Dichlorination of Alkenes: A Radical Twist to a Long-sought Transformation

Title: Electrocatalytic Radical Dichlorination of Alkenes with Nucleophilic Chlorine Sources Authors: Niankai Fu, Gregory S. Sauer, and Song Lin Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Year: 2017 The unsaturated bond of an alkene is one of the most exploited functionalities inside the organic chemist’s…


Electrochemical Capture and Release of Carbon Dioxide

Title: Electrochemical Capture and Release of Carbon Dioxide Authors: Joseph H. Rheinhardt, Poonam Singh, Pilarisetty Tarakeshwar, and Daniel A. Buttry* Publication Info: ACS Energy Lett., 2017, 2 (2), pp 454–461,  DOI:10.1021/acsenergylett.6b00608 This article is a perspective from recognized experts in the field of CO2 capture and release.…


Questions are raised about “unclick” reaction

Click chemistry, a term used to describe a number of high yield reactions, is used far and wide by chemists. The azide alkyne Huisgen cycloaddition typifies click chemistry and awhile back, I described it as my favorite reaction.


Online Resources for Doing Organic Chemistry

Yes!!! 100% conversion to product, zero impurities, and a workup so easy I finished it while writing this sentence!Well, that’s what writing it down on an o-chem problem set might make it seem like at least. Turns out doing organic chemistry in practice isn’t so straightforward,…


Thanksgiving chemistry- cranberries and your blood

To do the biological study of how particular (good) chemicals like antioxidants affect people, there needs to be a quick, reliable, and consistent way to measure those chemicals in humans. Furthermore, a good method would test for multiple chemicals, because the health benefits from some chemicals only exist in the presence of others (phenolic acids and flavonoids in this case). The authors of this paper demonstrate a gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry (GC-MS) method to investigate how some of the chemicals present in cranberries (from cranberry juice) go into your bloodstream after you ingest them.


Stack Exchange Strategies for the Synthesis of Covalent Double-Channel Photosystems by Self-Organizing Surface-Initiated Polymerization

Title: Stack Exchange Strategies for the Synthesis of Covalent Double-Channel Photosystems by Self-Organizing Surface-Initiated Polymerization Authors:  N. Sakai and S. Matile Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Affiliation: University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland Take Home Importance: Well-ordered polymeric ‘columns’ of different chromophores in the same polymer were prepared…


Using Computers for Rational Asymmetric Catalyst Design

Title: Three-Dimensional Correlation of Steric and Electronic Free Energy Relationships Guides Asymmetric Propargylation Author:  Kaid C. Harper, Matthew S. Sigman* Journal:  Science Affiliation:  Department of Chemistry, University of Utah, 315 South 1400 East Rm. 2020 Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0850       In chemistry today, there is often…


My Favorite Reaction – Azide Alkyne Huisgen Cycloaddition

The azide alkyne Huisgen cycloaddition easily qualifies as my favorite reaction and my submission to the Chemistry Carnival.  It combines simplicity with efficiency in a way that is unmatched by most other chemistries.  From clicking side chains onto polymers to conveniently synthesizing a variety of natural…


A New Way to Make Polymers Click

Title: Additive-Free Clicking for Polymer Functionalization and Coupling by Tetrazine–Norbornene Chemistry Authors: Claire F. Hansell†, Pieter Espeel‡, Milan M. Stamenovi‡, Ian A. Barker†, Andrew P. Dove†, Filip E. Du Prez‡, and Rachel K. O’Reilly† Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Affiliation: †Department of Chemistry, University of…