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The evolution of tools to gain insights into the genome didn’t quite reach its peak with only the development of CRISPR-Cas9! The tools currently have some drawbacks including limited resources to do more high-throughput studies. Read on to know the newer developments in this field!

Are you inhaling plastics?

Title: Microplastics in the atmosphere of Ahvaz City, IranAuthors: Sajjad Abbasi, Neamatollah Jaafarzadeh, Amir Zahedi, Maryam Ravanbakhsh, Somayeh Abbaszadeh & Andrew Turner.Journal: Journal of Environmental SciencesYear: 2023 Since the invention of plastics, humanity has found countless uses for this class of wonder-materials. From drinking straws to…

Jet Engine Oils Cause Ultra-Fine Particle Concentrations to Take Off

Title: Nucleation of jet engine oil vapours is a large source of aviation-related ultrafine particles.Authors: Florian Ungeheuer, Lucía Caudillo, Florian Ditas, Mario Simon, Dominik van Pinxteren, Doğuşhan Kılıç, Diana Rose, Stefan Jacobi, Andreas Kürten, Joachim Curtius & Alexander L. VogelJournal: Communications Earth & EnvironmentYear: 2022 Earth’s…