Category: Research Bites

Measuring Pollutants in Urban River Sediments

Title: Organophosphate Diesters in Urban River Sediment from SouthChina: Call for More Research on Their Occurrence and Fate in FieldEnvironment Authors: Chan Liang, Bo Peng, Gao-Ling Wei, Yanyan Gong, Guoqiang Liu, Lixi Zeng, Liang-Ying Liu, and Eddy Y. Zeng Journal: ACS EST Water 2021, 1, 4, 871–880 Organophosphate triesters are used as flame retardants, as well as…

Engineering dicarboxylic acid production

Article Title: One-pot biocatalytic route from cycloalkanes to α,ω‐dicarboxylic acids by designed Escherichia coli consortiaAuthors: Wang, F.; Zhao, J.; Li, Q. et al.Journal: Nat. Commun.Year: 2021DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-18833-7 Many common household items such as adhesives, perfumes, and antibiotics are constructed from simple, industrially produced chemical precursors. Production…

New Technology to Control Living Therapeutics with Drugs

Genetically-engineered cell therapies are poised to become some of the most potent weapons in our arsenal against cancer and immunological diseases. However, significant toxicity is sometimes associated with these therapies due to uncontrolled proliferation and activation of these cells. To address this, Jan and colleagues developed a chemical strategy whereby an FDA-approved drug could be used to control the activity of these cells, opening the door for a new generation of safer and more controllable cell-based therapies.

Antibiotics in our food?

Antibiotics are all something we have all taken at one point or another – but how many of us wonder about what happens to those antibiotics next? When we stop and think about it, we might start to realise how our actions are unintentionally impacting the environment around us.