Category: Sustainable energy

Beetles Inspire Improved Water Purification Device

Article Title: Bio-Inspired Sandwich-Structured All-Day-Round SolarEvaporator for Synergistic Clean Water and Electricity Generation Authors: Ran Niu, Jiaxin Ren, Junqiang Justin Koh, Ling Chen, Jiang Gong,* Jinping Qu,Xiaodong Xu, Jalal Azadmanjiri, and Jiakang Min Journal: Advanced Energy Materials Year: 2023 DOI: Image Source: José Manuel Suárez…

Go Ask Mother Nature—she’s got an answer

An overwhelming majority of scientists are in agreement—and that never happens—something must change before we reach the so-called “point-of-no-return”. The onset of the industrial era (and the associated benefits) encouraged a system that pollutes our environment in search of the largest possible profits. More recently, our voices have gotten louder, and large groups of society have dedicated themselves to uncovering the solutions to these problems. Perhaps, in this regard, Mother Nature still has lessons to offer.