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Recyclable plastics help save Earth!

Given our current rate of plastic consumption and generation, can our planet win over plastic? Can we save our planet and still use plastic? In this article, discover how chemists at Colorado State University have synthesized a new kind of plastic that can be recycled infinitely without losing its functionality!


Mood Lighting: Colorful Coatings for Smart Windows

Feeling blue? The chemistry of new “smart windows” could help – with a coating that adjusts to the outside temperature and a color filter that you can switch at will, they could be the perfect mood lighting for your energy-efficient home.


Turn on the lights and get your 3D printouts!

Printing is cool, but 3D printing is cooler! Instead of words on a page, you can print spoons and forks and even houses! And today, you’ll see the coolest 3D printing – printing chains of molecules, simply with light!