Author: Rosaria Cercola
Hello! I have a PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of York, UK. I am really curious about archaeology and passionate about sharing chemistry. I love travelling and, like every Italian, eating!

A brain found in glass pieces

Archaeologists in Herculaneum, in the south of Italy, discovered a black, glassy material that turned out to be… a human brain.


The shape of supercooled water

Water is a really special liquid: its characteristics allow the existence of life as it is. But It can still amaze us: a new form of liquid water has just been discovered at -80 °C.


Chemistry looks into the origin of life!

How is chemistry explaining the origin of life?
The authors of this paper, look into the formation of DNA building block (2-deoxy-D-ribose) from molecules that were present on Earth at its early stages.