Author: Aimee Horsfall
I completed my PhD at the University of Adelaide (Australia), and am now working as a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland (New Zealand). As a peptide chemist I synthesise peptides with defined secondary structure to study protein-protein interactions and develop therapeutic inhibitors of biologically important interactions. I have a passion for effective science communication, find me on Twitter @aimeehorsfall or linkedin/in/aimeehorsfall

Unmasking COVID-19 infections

As the global COVID-19 pandemic rolls into its third year many of us wear masks almost all day at work or in the community. Read how these researchers have developed a sensor that can be embedded into your mask, which collects your exhaled breath to act as a COVID-19 test for the end of the day.

Looking into the crystal bubble

Protein crystallisation is an important technique in drug discovery, and storage of proteins in the biopharmaceutical industry but can sometimes be regarded as a dark-art. Read how researchers use air-bubbles to improve protein crystal growth.

Seeing the Invisible

Ever wondered how scientists know what is going on inside a cell, or how you could design a chemical probe to tell you more? There’s a lot of things to consider, find out more here.