Can nanomedicines be pooped out?

Nanomedicines – which use tiny, tiny particles to treat illnesses – are extremely useful. They could allow doctors to deliver cancer drugs right to a tumor. But what happens to these nanomedicines in the body after their job is done?

Making Self-Healing Materials with 4D Printing

3D printing is already an incredibly futuristic technology. But now there’s a new step beyond that: 4D printing! Let’s learn about a new material that can be 3D printed and change over time, even healing itself when it’s damaged!

Data Analytics Predicts New Stable Perovskites

Using a novel data analytics approach, researchers are now able to predict over 23,000 new stable perovskite structures. These new structures can enable technologies including solar absorbers, ferroelectric materials, and superconductors!

One Step Forward in Making Long-Lasting Semi-Artificial Photosynthetic Devices

The work described here enhances the operational time of a biological protein based photovoltaic device up to 4 hrs with a loss of only 20% efficiency in the absence of O2, by employing a suitable electron carrier molecule known as ubiquinone. Hence this work can indeed be an inspiration for the future design of photovoltaic devices as well as organic solar cells.

Fishing for bacteria with gold and DNA

What happens when you bring DNA strands, gold nanoparticles, conformation-induced color changes, and a highly-intrusive bacterium together? A field-portable, inexpensive test for one of the world’s greatest bacterial threats, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Making a Rainbow with Water Drops!

Beautiful colors are all around us in nature. But how do we recreate all these colors in the lab without complicated dyes and pigments? Let’s learn about a new way to observe colors using only light and tiny droplets!

The molecule that folds by itself

Folding a paper maybe easy, but folding a molecule is much more complicated. Yet, our mother nature is filled with such complicated chemistry. This article will explore scientists’ attempt to develop new folded molecules, not with many sophisticated molecules but simply with a single building block!