Designer Enzymes

Enzymes are nature’s catalysts. But there are not enough enzymes for all the reactions in the world! How do chemists design enzymes? Let’s take a look!

New Findings on Viral Inhibition

Successful resistance to a viral infection requires the host to deploy incredibly intricate biological tactics that somehow selectively inhibit key processes in the viral lifecycle. In this paper, researchers delve deeper into the molecular mechanisms of one of such resistance mechanisms!

Can Chemists Cure the Common Cold?

Although getting the common cold is not a nice experience, it is only a relatively minor misfortune for most people. But the consqeuences of a cold can be severe. This paper describes a significant step towards a cure!

Charges that challenge scientists!

Rub a ruler with a wool and hold it towards paper bits, then you’d find the ruler attracts papers. This may sound a common sense to you – the two surfaces have opposite charges.
But now, researchers find that not all materials behave the same and the reason is still a mystery.
Let’s take a look at the charges that challenges scientists!

Trapping Lead Contamination in Its Tracks: Metal-Organic Frameworks

Aging infrastructure containing lead contaminates too many water sources in the US, and worldwide. For the first time, researchers have developed a material, based on a metal-organic framework, that almost instantaneously brings lead- and mercury-contaminated water to safe drinking levels. Could this be the next generation of water filters?

Recyclable plastics help save Earth!

Given our current rate of plastic consumption and generation, can our planet win over plastic? Can we save our planet and still use plastic? In this article, discover how chemists at Colorado State University have synthesized a new kind of plastic that can be recycled infinitely without losing its functionality!

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