Jet Engine Oils Cause Ultra-Fine Particle Concentrations to Take Off

Title: Nucleation of jet engine oil vapours is a large source of aviation-related ultrafine particles.Authors: Florian Ungeheuer, Lucía Caudillo, Florian Ditas, Mario Simon, Dominik van Pinxteren, Doğuşhan Kılıç, Diana Rose, Stefan Jacobi, Andreas Kürten, Joachim Curtius & Alexander L. VogelJournal: Communications Earth & EnvironmentYear: 2022 Earth’s…

Wearable technology powered by your own body heat

Thermoelectric materials can convert heat into electricity, which gives us the possibility of charging smart devices as we wear them. The latest research is working to make these lightweight and flexible so make it cheaper and easier to power wearable electronic devices.


Fungus, as it turns out, can be beneficial, and scientists have found that fungus in the gut could improve cognition and so, might help as a treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease.