Ibuprofen is a widely used pain killers but it isn’t administered intravenously. To make it so, scientists have modified ibuprofen slightly to alter its properties.

Can light break down antibiotics?

The antibiotics we take are beginning to build up in the environment. Researchers are beginning to look into different ways of removing those antibiotics, and subsequently reducing the harm to our environment, with varying degrees of success.

Targeting a myosin motor to treat malaria

Malaria is one of the world’s oldest known diseases. In the second century, Romans were advised to wear amulets to protect themselves against the mal aria, or “bad air.” Unsurprisingly, this was ineffective against the surrounding wetlands that were infested with mosquitoes – mosquitoes that we…

What captures carbon?

What technology is currently in use to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? What technologies lie ahead to help us catch up to our emissions?

Measuring Pollutants in Urban River Sediments

Title: Organophosphate Diesters in Urban River Sediment from SouthChina: Call for More Research on Their Occurrence and Fate in FieldEnvironment Authors: Chan Liang, Bo Peng, Gao-Ling Wei, Yanyan Gong, Guoqiang Liu, Lixi Zeng, Liang-Ying Liu, and Eddy Y. Zeng Journal: ACS EST Water 2021, 1, 4, 871–880 Organophosphate triesters are used as flame retardants, as well as…