Author: Matthew Hautzinger
I love designing and making things. While my interests in science are all over the place, I like chemistry because it allows me to make things on the atomic level. My interests in research are mostly energy related: Solar panels, battery technology, and electronic components. Outside of my work, I'm an avid cyclist, nature enthusiast, and at home chef.

Designing and Understanding New Semiconductor Crystals

Solar panels are expensive because of the high-purity silicon present in them. A new material called perovskite rivals the solar conversion efficiency of silicon, but at a fraction of the cost. There is however still a lot of fundamental understanding to be done on perovskites, which these researchers do by studying analogous structures.

Machine Learning for Understanding Materials Synthesis

Title: Materials Synthesis Insights from Scientific Literature via Text Extraction and Machine Learning Authors:     Edward Kim, Kevin Huang, Adam Saunders, Andrew McCallum, Gerbrand Ceder, and Elsa Olivetti Year: 2017 Journal: Chemistry of Materials The sheer volume of publications makes scientific literature a vast sea of information…