Using chemical probes to identify bacterial virulence factors

It seems like a silly question: how can we study the function of proteins with unknown functions? The answer: with activity-based chemical probes. In this article, researchers identified several previously unexplored enzymes that may play a role in serious bacterial infections.

Painting a Fuller Picture in Medicinal Chemistry

Title: Synergistic effects of stereochemistry and appendages on the performance diversity of a collection of synthetic compounds Authors: Stu Schreiber et al. Journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society Year: 2018 The ability to rapidly evaluate what a chemical compound does to a cell, and…

3 questions explaining “What, Where and How” of the new exotic phase of matter – TOPOLOGICAL MATERIALS

We have always been told that do not compare apples and oranges! They are completely different! Well a mathematical theory based on surface of material finds them similar. This theory applied by physicists in materials research has discovered new exotic phase of matter called topological materials. In this article, learn about the unique nature of this exotic phase, approaches to make these materials and their wide-spread applications.

Scanning for Skin Cancer

The idea that a full body scan can give comprehensive medical prognosis may be closer than we realize. Scanning mass spectrometry has been used to differentiate between healthy and cancerous skin cells. We can literally scan a person for skin cancer!

Destroying Rogue Kinases with Degraders

Aberrant enzyme activity drives many types of cancer and other human diseases. Traditional drugs targeting such enzymes face a variety of challenges. Here, researchers use a new small molecule “degrader” to destroy an enzyme involved in cancer.

Exploring microfluidics…using Lego?

LEGO is lots of fun and can be used to create almost anything, from gigantic towers to intricate machines. But did you know LEGO can even be used to build tiny chemistry labs?

Dealing a Double Blow to Cancer

Researchers have developed a way to combine chemotherapy and radiation into one ultra effective treatment. Check out how these packages of drugs get activated at the tumor by X-rays!

Let machine teach about atoms

We have been trained to be adaptive to our environment in our daily life. Same for chemists to train computers to model atoms. Let’s look at how chemists make functions adaptive to different situations!

Printing Carbon Nanotube Patterns Using Electron Beams

Carbon nanotubes have material properties straight out of a science fiction novel. Yet, it is still difficult to assemble carbon nanotubes into organized structures where the science fiction-like properties can really shine. Discover what researchers are doing to solve this problem!