Molecular tweezers pick viral membranes apart

While most scientists search for specific treatments for viruses like Ebola, Zika and SARS-Cov-2, non-specific methods can have broad impact. Researchers from the United States and Germany joined forces to make non-specific molecular “tweezers” that pluck pieces out of its membrane, leading to disintegrating and dead viruses.

Boiling mulberry juice increases its anti-cancer properties

Black mulberry juice is a known antioxidant – compounds that can consume free radicals before they can harm your cells. Researchers at Guangdong University also show that boiling mulberries increases its ability to treat colon cancer in cell culture, but not through antioxidant mechanisms.

#BlackInChem: The Unstoppable Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker, founder of #BlackInAstro and co-founder of #BlackInChem, explores her experiences and motivations. Having overcome many barriers and obstacles, she shares her unique journey as a Black woman in physical chemistry, what she’s learned, and her advice to others.

#BlackInChem: Chemistry should be as diverse as the world we live in

Armed with the belief that chemistry should be as diversified as the world that we all live in, Joy Rutherford tells us how this motivates her to overcome the odds that come with being a PoC PhD student. However, these challenges don’t stop her from becoming a multi-faceted academic success!