Using seawater and the sun to make safe drinking water

Supplying safe drinking water to the world’s population remains a persistent challenge. In a new paper, researchers have developed a simple distillation device made of paper that can turn seawater into fresh drinking water using just the heat from the sun.


Ibuprofen is a widely used pain killers but it isn’t administered intravenously. To make it so, scientists have modified ibuprofen slightly to alter its properties.

Can light break down antibiotics?

The antibiotics we take are beginning to build up in the environment. Researchers are beginning to look into different ways of removing those antibiotics, and subsequently reducing the harm to our environment, with varying degrees of success.

Targeting a myosin motor to treat malaria

Title: Peptide Probes for Plasmodium falciparum MyoA Tail Interacting Protein (MTIP): Exploring the Druggability of the Malaria Parasite Motor Complex Authors: Charlie N. Saunders, Ernesto Cota, Jake Baum, and Edward W. Tate Journal: ACS Chemical Biology Year: 2020 Malaria is one of the world’s oldest known…