Enabling Solar Panel Windows

Solar panel windows could revolutionize urban architecture by turning buildings into energy producing structures. Read about how scientists are trying to enable solar windows by exploring new chemistry.

Finding disguised pesticide?

Can we judge whether crops have pesticide without detecting the pesticide directly? Let’s check out how researchers come up with alternatives for pesticide residue detection!

Fishing for bacteria with gold and DNA

What happens when you bring DNA strands, gold nanoparticles, conformation-induced color changes, and a highly-intrusive bacterium together? A field-portable, inexpensive test for the world’s greatest bacterial threats.

Using microbes to make natural products

Microbial systems can be a great way to make complicated products that are useful to humans. However, because the pathways to make these products involve multiple steps and can be very complex, sometimes it’s just too difficult for one species to accomplish on its own. But working as a team with another species of microbe can have its own problems. How can researchers decide which way is best?