Looking into the crystal bubble

Protein crystallisation is an important technique in drug discovery, and storage of proteins in the biopharmaceutical industry but can sometimes be regarded as a dark-art. Read how researchers use air-bubbles to improve protein crystal growth.

The metal your gut craves

Tungsten helps your gut microbiome remove toxic chemicals. Without a major source of tungsten in our diets, it might be the metal your gut has been craving.

Turning Sludge into Building Materials

Safely handling hazardous waste generated from industrial processes is crucial to preventing environmental contamination. Chemists handle their heavy metal hazardous waste by transforming the sludge into useful construction materials

Progress towards detecting aliens?

E.T. may be able to phone home – or “home phone” if we’re quoting the little guy correctly – but humans require a little more info using extraterrestrial biosignatures to figure out where aliens come from.


We will continue coming across new viral proteins and viruses, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for those. The work of White et al helps in giving a starting point for medicines against the Influenza viruses.

Using seawater and the sun to make safe drinking water

Supplying safe drinking water to the world’s population remains a persistent challenge. In a new paper, researchers have developed a simple distillation device made of paper that can turn seawater into fresh drinking water using just the heat from the sun.