Author: Charlie Crowe
I am a graduate researcher in the Keating Group at Pennsylvania State University. My research focuses on studying biological reactions inside of biomimetic systems. I love reading and learning about new scientific developments wherever I can find them!

What’s blacker than black?

There’s a new record holder for the world’s blackest material. Learn about how randomly oriented carbon nanotubes can be used to create a coating darker than anything else ever made!


Draw your own circuits with liquid metal

Electrical circuits can be drawn, erased, and redrawn with ease on this new material that uses liquid metal particles suspended in a polymer network. Check out how it’s made and its potential uses in flexible electronics!


Making New Batteries Using Burnt Plants

We use lithium-ion batteries in our electronics every day, but getting the materials to build them isn’t very environmentally friendly. Let’s learn about a new way to recover one of these materials from burnt plants!