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3D printed blood vessels allow easy monitoring and experimentation

Paper: ECM-based microchannel for culturing in vitro vascular tissues with simultaneous perfusion and stretch Journal: Lab on a Chip Authors: Azusa Shimizu, Wei Huang Goh, Shun Itai, Michinao Hashimoto, Shigenori Miurad and Hiroaki Onoe Year: 2020 Featured Image: Jesus Leonardo Rondon Tapia–Creative Commons License Inflammation or…

Young M. speciosa (kratom) tree

Kratom: A Promising New Therapy or a Dangerous Unregulated Drug?

A traditional medicinal plant from Southeast Asia called kratom has been hailed as a potential new tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic. But what is the active ingredient, and is it potentially dangerous? Read on to learn the latest pharmacological research.