Author: Ben Aucott
I got my MChem from the University of Oxford and started a PhD at the University of York in 2014. My work involves making and studying metal carbonyl complexes that may have therapeutic effects. I enjoy writing about a wide variety of chemistry topics and share my enthusiasm with as many people as possible!

Designer Enzymes

Enzymes are nature’s catalysts. But there are not enough enzymes for all the reactions in the world! How do chemists design enzymes? Let’s take a look!

How do you stick hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules to each other?

We know that complementary functional groups are needed for strong intermolecular interactions, and that thermodynamics favours hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups each keeping themselves to themselves. So, problems can arise when trying to react very hydrophilic and very hydrophobic molecules together. This group of scientists has devised a way around the problem using a technique called solid-phase synthesis.