Author: Jared Mondschein
Jared S. Mondschein was born and raised near New York, New York and earned a B.S. in chemistry from Union College in 2014. As an undergraduate, he worked on atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies of inorganic-organic thin films for photovoltaic applications in the laboratory of Professor Michael E. Hagerman and in collaboration with Professor Rebecca Cortez. Jared also completed a summer internship at SUNY Polytechnic Institute Colleges of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in the lab of Professor Nathaniel C. Cady, where he worked on the printing of bacteria cells in specific geometric patterns to study their symbiotic relationships. Jared is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Chemistry at Penn State University, where he is working in Ray Schaak’s lab to investigate novel Earth-abundant catalysts for artificial photosynthesis.