Author: Stephanie Blaszczyk
I'm Stephanie, a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research focuses on developing new chemical methods to make structurally complex carbohydrates, although my boss would probably argue I spend more time writing than doing research. I spent the 2019 summer working as a science writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and I'm excited to highlight recent research for Chembites. In my free time, my daughter, husband and I enjoy crafting, playing volleyball, spending time in the woods, or trying the local ice cream shop's newest flavor.

The Smell of Success

Although skunks are nocturnal animals that prefer their own company, they won’t hesitate to spray potential predators, people or pets with fluid from their anal glands. For many years, these anal secretions have fascinated natural products chemists but repelled most of the rest of us. Learn about a new way to “de-skunk” from researchers at the University of Oklahoma.